Marco Serena and Daniela Rossi, owners of the San Francesco International Real Estate agency in Assisi, with thirty years of experience in the sector, wanted to dedicate themselves to an ambitious project aimed at meeting the needs of clients seeking greater professionalism and quality of services offered. The mission is to differentiate themselves in the current real estate market context by providing highly qualified and professional services to accompany clients through the delicate phase of buying or selling a home, all the way to the final deed of sale, also relying on the technical and legal expertise of external consultants.

The staff's last decade of experience in franchising with one of the most important international real estate brands has projected us into a luxury international market that has continued to show positive trends in recent years, a sign that Italy has not lost its charm for foreigners seeking a home abroad. The choice of Assisi is not random. Located in the center of Umbria and Italy, Assisi has always attracted visitors from all cultures. Many have left testimonies (Dante Alighieri, Simone Weil, Giosuè Carducci...), some have decided to live there permanently from the Latin poet Sextus Propertius, Giotto, Dono Doni, Federico Mason Perkins to more recent figures like Mario Draghi, Colin Firth, Mogol, just to name a few.

Daniela Rossi and Marco Serena


What Assisi offers is impossible to find elsewhere: situated at the foot of the Monte Subasio Natural Park, in a beautiful natural environment, still relatively unknown in its many aspects and rich in surprises, it hosts architectural treasures of immense value. The atmosphere steeped in spirituality and peace contributes to the high quality of life, however, Assisi is not a museum, the life of the city is not tied to consumeristic trends but to its authentic soul, perceived in its streets, where local craftsmanship continues to produce masterpieces, in the rituals of the basilicas, in folklore, in the buildings that tell a great story. For all these reasons, Assisi, with the Papal Basilica of San Francesco, Santa Maria degli Angeli, and other Franciscan sites, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000, thanks to the recognition of the "uniqueness of the cultural landscape" composed of tangible and intangible assets.


"We chose to tie our real estate business to the name of San Francesco, the Patron Saint of Italy, who needs no introduction. We associate with his figure and his globally renowned history, the emotional, spiritual, and personal aspect related to the concept of home. We are in love with our work and our Umbria, determined and available, as well as profound connoisseurs of negotiation and the emotional sphere related to real estate purchase. The HOME in all its forms of expression is the centerpiece of every life, and our desire is to make all our clients feel at home."

Daniela Rossi e Marco Serena

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